Friday, September 3, 2010

Safety Pin Bracelets

Remember these from years ago? I saw them in a gift shop last spring so just had to make one for myself. When my friend was visiting last month we had fun making some. Think I have one to go with every outfit now. As they say, what's old is new again!

If you want to try one, they have about 66 safety pins and the amount of beads depends on the size of the bead. String them on elastic cord. Hobby Lobby has bags of multi-colored glass beads which works well. In two bracelets I used size 8 beads from a bead store and one has beads from Walmart. Just remember to pinch the pin closed with a small pliers before stringing them up to keep from popping open.


  1. thanks for stopping by today and for the birthday comment!! are you a VIRGO too??