Thursday, September 9, 2010

Monogrammed Sachets

These sachets are on their way to Canada. A sweet lady in Surrey,BC ordered them for two baby girls. She has been a great repeat customer of mine. Guess that proves it helps to list new items occasionally in my Etsy store. :)

I've had to sew on a vintage 1951 Singer Featherweight that once belonged to my Aunt. My much loved Bernina is in for repair having the circuit board repaired. Ouch- but not as costly as a new one. It's kinda slow going with the Featherweight, but it gets the job done!


  1. Karen, Thanks for the sweet comment on my new blog. I love to meet a fellow crafter! I live pretty close by and will be a vendor at the Lenior City Festival next year. I hope to see you there!