Monday, November 29, 2010

Crafting Frenzy

My Thanksgiving company have left and I'm finishing up my items for my last craft show. Here is a sampling of my newest items. Another batch of mice pin keepers, another set of painted spoons, a few new snowman ornaments, hand painted snowman pendant slides with Swarvoski crystals (I had to buy a large magnifying glass), and Christmas stretch bracelets - some with a vintage charm. After staining my eyes on those tiny snowmen I had a bright idea! Paint them larger and reduce on my copy machine. Voila! Much easier. I have an order for fabric stocking ornaments, so that's my project for today. Next year I'll start sooner.................I always say that!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Tassels and Pincushions

Just thought I should show some of the things that I make in my creative chaos! All the little mice sold, some of these tassels and the pale yellow cottage pincushion.
I will make up more mice pin keeps for my next show, The House of Santa Mouse.
I'm also working on hand painted snowman pendants and some with just an image inserted. It's such an eye strain painting in a one inch area. Think I should paint big and reduce the size to fit. Hey, that will be my project next week!
Have a great week, all you creative crafters!

Monday, November 1, 2010

A "Real" Craft Room

A room where I create! I almost didn't show this, but hopefully after the holidays I can clean up the mess. My daughter calls it organized chaos. LOL The publication, Where Women Create, shows such big, beautiful organized craft rooms. But since we downsized I work out of a small bedroom. I finally got those tan slacks ironed you see draped over my chair!!! At least it's at the end of the hall and nobody can see it!

I was getting ready for the Fall Harvest Festival at Maryville College here in TN. It was in their brand new Clayton Arts Center and I had great sales. One more show to go the first weekend in December.