Friday, May 14, 2010


Guess it's about time I posted a little somethin' somethin' on my blog, just in case anyone wonders where I've been! lol I spend so much time reading all the other blogs I neglect mine. Plus, I can't think of something to write everyday like most of you. A friend and I went to Dollywood yesterday since we live only about an hour away. It's a fun place to visit. For some reason I only took a few pictures, so this will be short, but sweet! I was serenaded to by one of the Gem Tones singing Calendar Girl. The a cappella singers complete with the "nerd". Well, that's all folks!!!!


  1. Oh looks like you had fun!!! Is Dolly ever there?

  2. Hello Karen! Love Dollywood! We went there a few years back. That was part of one of our best vacations! We stayed in a wonderful cabin in Sevierville (sp?); Cloudland Canyon in Georgia - gorgeous in the fall..
    Hope you had a marvelous time.
    until next time,